29th June

June 29, 2008

I found this interesting article on the Opengeodata site…. take a look for yourself or read it below



Google have launched MapMaker, a kind of faux OpenStreetMap where they own all the data and you’re only allowed to map in certain Freedom Of Speech Zones.

Like Knol, the mooted ‘wikipedia killer’, Google refuse to acknowledge existing communities, trample on their hard work and lack the mindset to engage with an open project.

But, this really doesn’t matter.

What’s fascinating is that they haven’t set themselves up against OpenStreetMap so much but rather TeleAtlas/TomTom, NAVTEQ/Nokia and AND. This is really a swipe at things like TomTom’s MapShare(TM) and ANDs Map 2.0. The question is now going to be, when do they switch on editing of existing data markets, if at all? Only those with intimate knowledge of the contracts will know.

The fundamental reasons for OpenStreetMap remain intact and if anything are now stronger. At first glance it sounds like OpenStreetMap, until you realise that Google own that data you give them, there’s no community and you are unlikely to see use of the data in ‘creative, productive, or unexpected ways’.

The terms of use are hilarious – the bottom line seems to be that Google ends up owning excusively the entire aggregate work, but it is your fault if anything goes wrong.

Some things MapMaker lacks might include our awesome open RESTful API (before REST was sexy), Osmarender (the open tile rendering distributed stack), cycle maps (showing how powerful community data can be), Community events list longer than your arm, dumps of all the data and of course Germans.

If you contribute to Google MapMaker, you are contributing to one single map view that looks how Google wants it to look. If you contribute to OpenStreetMap, you are contributing to a myriad of possibilities … most not even thought of yet. The cycle map is a good example.

Google very kindly sponsored our first conference (and you should come to our second which they didn’t) but if they wish to turn it in to an us or them, then it is us!



June 18, 2008

18th June

June 18, 2008

Setting up again today. Went well starts thu night. 🙂

17th June

June 18, 2008

Setting up for the exhibition of work today… starts thu

16th June – Day off

June 16, 2008

Everyone disappeared off the rock to manchester today.

Tried to get into the department to print off some work as it was rather quiet but everywhere was locked. Will have 2 do it tommorow.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be setting up the exibition as it starts on Thursday then Ive finished college forever….. I can’t wait….

13th June

June 16, 2008

Didnt go into college today. 

Finished editing at home and exported all movies to quicktime. Then burnt the first dvd… look’s good 

12th June

June 12, 2008

Um not a great day… Turned up n the desk space’s were being demolished. My quick reactions and organization meant I could quick grab my belongings and run out to my car and safely put them in. Imagine if I hadn’t half my work might be in the bin now. 

Ok I then sort of spent a bit of time adjust a few sound levels on the video before lunch. Then through lunch and after I did a bit of work on the dvd cover. Liam (sound tutor dude) helped me out for a bit on this. We’ve played around with the text getting it to link in.

Then the day turned nuts and I was questioned on the production of my Open Street Map Book. Why I didnt ask for feedback before making it ?

Umm… neways got to go Bikestyle Handicap Road race tonight. 

11th June

June 12, 2008

Very good day today…. Finished editing which is fantastic. Converted the Steve Coast interview to a quiktime format just need to convert the main part but this take a while.

10 tonight so must dash 

10th June

June 10, 2008

Good day. Finished the doucmentary and it look cool. All i need to do now is spend some time going through it to make sure all the sound levels are the same. It’s about 24 minutes in total. 

Exhibition starts middle of next week so I will be getting mine ready soon. Im going to have a big A1 print of the film poster and a few dvd covers made up on display. Then I will obviously have the documentary playing. Will also have free osm flyers printed for people to take. 

Hopefully if servers are quick and like me in the next few days I might be able to get a preview up .

9th June – Last week

June 10, 2008

Back from the National 25 Junior Championships and a good result 2. Came 3rd and took home the bronze medal. Also won my age category. Silver beat me by 1 second. I recorded a pb time of 57min 01sec. Fast course but very windy on way out leg. 

Film is looking good just need to place sundays voice overs in place and it will all be done. 

Must head