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29th April

April 29, 2008

A good day… Very productive.

I had another tutorial with Shelly today and I have come up with more ideas. Iam going along the lines of a free promotional video for Open Street Map which they can show people when they want to know what it is all about. For example this would be abble to be found on the Internet via a link

I have talked to Open Street Map and they seem happy for this to happen. Iam also going to produce a big A1 film poster to help advertise it to. This would be more for my benefit but Im sure Open Street Map would benefit from it to.

Write you more tommrow on how it all goes.

Ciao for now !


28th April

April 28, 2008

What a strange day ! And that’s in many many many ways…

A good day @ college… no editing but plenty of plans in the book and ideas on how 2 go about it. Researched some more film posters. This would be really good to make one in A1 would look amazing.

Bought a new phone from Manx Telecom 2 as my old one was f**ked. I’ve come up with a live project I’m going 2 set myself…

Sure Mobile’s leaflets for Pay As you go mobiles are terrible and i feel as a Sure User that Get more motto isn’t working. So y not write 2 them explain my situation and try and convince them that I’m the man for redesigning them. There might be a bit of money involved 2.

Yesterday was the Isle of Man 25 Mile Time trial championships. It was a fine manx day and I recorded a good time of 58minutes 35seconds to be placed 6th overall and 1st Junior. I was only Junior in it but oh well its the taking part that counts. It’s two years on a run now I’ve won the Junior’s and the Road race title in 2007 too.

Junior Tour of Isle of Man starts on friday with a blast along the prom then peel saturday and ramsey sunday

Tommorow am going work hard on some more research n developing those extra ideas.

25th April

April 26, 2008

Finished chopping up the footage today. Then made screen shots of everypart and decided what was good etc. and annotated in the log book.

Gathering a few more ideas about it all and really I cant wait to crack on with it. Oh and Redhead took it a step to far today…. took my front wheel of my car… lol wot a legend like. ill get him back !

24th April

April 24, 2008

Ok good day considering I was only in college for the morning.

I got some good editing done. Chopped up some more footage and sorted it out. It look cool ! After I’ve done all this Im going go back through it and take screen shots of what I have. Then i can lay it all out and decide wot is worth keeping and using and stuff.

I also had a look at some photos I took yesterday lunch. Was a nice day so I thought I’d get out.

Also completed the 4th dvd cover which I mite use. I’ve uploaded it for feedback !

23rd April

April 23, 2008

A good day

Got some footage chopped uptoday. It look’s good so far. Hopefully have this done by middle of next week.

Then went for an experiment in Nobels park. Came up with another dvd cover idea which you can check out on the dvd page. I would use Steve Coast maybe with a OSM huddie/tshirt on instead of my fellow student grant a.k.a “Stiggy”. It’s up to you guys, let me know.

22nd April

April 22, 2008

Spent the morning uploading the rest of the tapes. Then headed down to Grant’s house as he wanted to get his board. Then booked the Clio in for a service, got some lunch and went back up the college.
Did some book research for the old log book which is looking nice and I also had a tutorial with Shelly.
The afternoon is nice again but I’m working @ 4pm. Cant wait till TT !
Once I have all the footage uploaded I’ll spend a day or so looking through making screen shots so I can see what is worth keeping and then getting rid of.
Keep you updated !

21st April

April 22, 2008

Awsome weekend.
Started uploading the footage today. Looks pretty cool so far !
Going to finish it tommorow hopefully. Had a tutorial with my friend Kathryn, well lecturer. She suggested some cool ideas which Ive noted down and can plan once Ive looked through the 8 tapes.
The afternoon was nice so I headed home and went out on the bike while I left the tapes uploading.

18th April

April 18, 2008

End of the week so it’s always a good sign !
Did a bit more of the old logbook today. Its looking pritty good at the moment !
Tried to get an slr and and a video camera this afternoon but every1 looks keen for the weekend. Some uploading was the plan but I’ll have 2 do something else.

I need some feedback on my dvd covers.

17th April

April 17, 2008

Sarted uploading some of the first footage today. Looks good so far !
Might do some documemtary research this afternoon will have to see.
Have got a few more ideas around in my head that i need to note down in the old logbook. Steve Coast interview I need to film when he comes to the Isle of Man in TT Week. Also I might need to get a bit of car footage from my house to the sea terminal as an introduction part.
Have fun and I’ve uploaded some photos into the photos page. More soon hopefully !

CHECK OUT THE DVD COVER PAGE – I need some feedback left on what you think and what you’d want to see. Click on the small image of the cover to enlarge

16th April

April 16, 2008

Mostly logbook work today.
Tried to upload my first tape but I was kicked out of the edit suite. Nevermind !
Look like Im editing on number 5 which is sweet although next year there will be like a big room with 15 mac’s and I wouldnt like to even estimate the size of the screen. I’ll proabably cry !
Once the footage is all uploaded, hopefully the middle of next week I’ll be able to crack on with things.
Start getting a few more ideas from what i see and cut out the rubbish.
I’ve been looking at a Canon Eos slr which took a bit of time in the day. Oh and the sun is out on the rock so I might head home as bike race tonight up north.
Photos of the weekend I’ll upload when I get a chance at home just it seems like the college server is blocking it or somthing.