17th May

May 17, 2008

Latest 2 dvd covers added in dvd page. Click on the image to view bigger in new window. 

Let me have some feedback and tell me what you think ?


16th May

May 17, 2008

End of the week. Not long to go now. 

Completed the editing today so the plan next week is to start recording the voice overs. Also spent some more time on the dvd covers and printed them out. I ‘ve put the two into a dvd case so I think I’m going get some feedback on which people prefer and why. 

Will post later on. !

15th May

May 17, 2008

Well was a good ride last night in the local 10mile time trial. Personal best by 39 seconds. I finished 2nd overall. 1st was Mark Chrisitian in 21.47 I got 21.50 so shows how close it was. 

Today I spent editing and hopefully I’ll have all the footage sorted by tommorow. Also had a quick 30minutes on the dvd covers just playing around with ideas and things. 

14th May

May 17, 2008

I was working on my dvd cover in the Graphics suite today and Liam came along to give some advise. He is so enthaustic that we came up with another dvd cover. Both are looking nice now and its going to be hard to decide on a final one. I think some market research might be the answer. I will post them on hear a.s.a.p and I’m going to ask people in my department to. I might even venture into the street to ask !

13th May

May 17, 2008

Ok today was cool. I had a Key Skills exam which I think went ok. It was my 3rd attempt at it so I might pass this time. Fingers crossed hey. 

I spent the rest of the day editing and getting all the footage I wanted inline. Its going well so far and I’m pleased with how everything is running.

12th May

May 13, 2008

Carried on with more editing today. Also when I get the time I’m going to re-do the chosen dvd cover. I need to try and link in the back with the front. Also I will continue to work on my film poster as this is a key advertiseing campagin.
Apart from that everything is going to plan. The sun is out and the rock is getting lively. TT is soon…
Am off anyway..

9th May

May 10, 2008

More editing today. It’s all going well and hopefully everything will be sorted by middle of next week. Then i can start looking @ writing a script for the voice overs. Also I’ll get some feedback from Mr North the graphics dude which hangs around for my Film Posters and final dvd cover idea.

Posters will be update with dvd covers on here when i get chance. 


8th May

May 10, 2008

Cracked on with editing today. Its going well and this is going to be my focus for the next week.

I need to ge everything that I want to be in the video layed out and sorted in the timeline. Then once all of this is complete I can start thinking about the voice overs for it.

More tomoz… the sun is shinning and I want to get out

7th May

May 8, 2008

The weather is nice and the summer might finally be here. Today was spent editing and finishing some logbook work. Everything is running to plan.
I spoke to Steve Coast the other day and he is up for an interview when he’s on the rock in tt week.
Check out the film poster page and leave me some feedback on what you think on the latest one !
Other than that Im rather busy at the moment. The bike racing going ok and the project is cracking on well. Only 5 weeks to go now !

6th May 2008

May 8, 2008

A good weekend. Bank holiday aswell. Full of bike racing and nice weather.
Did good in the IOM Tour but came down with a stomach bug on the Saturday night so Sundays race I pulled out of. Friday was a flyer along Douglas Promenade and I recorded a good time to finish 27th. Saturday a tough 100km road race round peel and I finished 21st.
Today was spent on film posters. They are looking sweet at the moment and some feedback would be very nice. I also shot the last remaining part on the Isle of Man from inside my car.
The project is all running to plan.