13th April

2nd day Mapping and Shooting.

Not a great number of mappers turned up @ the Kitchen Garden Cafe today however still in total there were six people. Maybe it was last nights curry ? Or they slept in ?
The weather was looking a bit more generous today and everyone was keen to complete some more areas on the map. I headed out with Alex an OSM mapper to Area 49.
What we didnt know that this was the Pulrose of the Isle of Man except it looked 10times worse. I was concerned about maybe being robbed of the close to £5,000 worth of equipment within the car. I put what I wasn’t using in the boot and kept the camera to as little use as possible.
I managed to get some good footage and the we had some queries to the public as to what we were doing. ” why ?” “oh” .
At about 12pm we were mapping a residential area and I set the camera up on the dashboard of the car. Suddenly these 4 scallys jumped out of this tree with what seemed to be a giagantic rock in their hand.
They were quite friendly though and again were more interested in what we were doing as to causing trouble.
1pm we headed back to the Kitchen Garden Cafe are base for the 2 days and sat down to eat @ sunday roast. Very nice indeed and reflect on the 2 days.
Oh and Alex’s curry seemed to have come back up he soon headed home as he wasn’t feeling well.

3.30pm I headed back up the motorway to Liverpool to catch the ferry back to the Rock where it all begins.
Pictures soon !


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